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CareTrust REIT, Inc. Announces Tax Treatment of 2018 Dividends


SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., Jan. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CareTrust REIT, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTRE) reported today the tax status of its 2018 dividends paid to shareholders. Details on the classifications of the dividends are included in the table below:

      Box 1a Box 1b Box 2a Box 2b Box 3 Box 5
        Qualified   Section    
        Dividend   1250 Gain   Section
Record Payment Distribution Ordinary (Included in Capital (Included in Non-Dividend 199A
Date Date Per Share Dividend Box 1a) Gain Distr. Box 2a) Distributions Dividend
03/30/18 04/13/18 $ 0.2050 97.8628 % 0.0000 % 0.0000 % 0.0000 % 2.1372 % 97.8628 %
06/29/18 07/13/18 $ 0.2050 97.8628 % 0.0000 % 0.0000 % 0.0000 % 2.1372 % 97.8628 %
09/28/18 10/15/18 $ 0.2050 97.8628 % 0.0000 % 0.0000 % 0.0000 % 2.1372 % 97.8628 %
12/31/18 01/15/19 $ 0.2050 97.8628 % 0.0000 % 0.0000 % 0.0000 % 2.1372 % 97.8628 %
Total $ 0.8200 97.8628 % 0.0000 % 0.0000 % 0.0000 % 2.1372 % 97.8628 %

Shareholders of record of the Company’s common stock will receive an Internal Revenue Service Form 1099-DIV from Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, the Company’s 2018 dividend paying agent. The form will report the dividends paid and the amounts designated as total ordinary dividends, qualified dividends, total capital gains, unrecaptured section 1250 gains, non-dividend distributions and dividends that may be eligible for the 20% qualified business income deduction under section 199A. If shares were held in “street name” during 2018, the IRS form will be provided by a bank, brokerage firm, or nominee. Because the Company’s tax return has not yet been filed for the year ended December 31, 2018, the dividend income tax allocations presented herein have been calculated using the best available information to date.

The tax treatment of these dividends by state and local authorities varies and may not be the same as the IRS’s treatment. Because federal and state tax laws affect individuals differently, the Company cannot advise shareholders on how dividends should be reported on their tax returns. The Company encourages shareholders to consult with their own tax advisors with respect to the federal, state and local income tax consequences of these dividends.

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